Download Degoo App Now – Get 100GB free Degoo Offer

Download Degoo App Now – Get 100GB free Degoo Offer; Install now and be smiling anytime you see your friends complaining about files lost because dogoo have 100GB free storage space for you to save your file for future use, keep reading you must be amazed when we gave you full features of dogoo.

Tips On Backing up Your Files To Get 100GB free Degoo Offer

You must backup your files once you sign-up, to keep them intact for ever here is how you can do that.

  • On the app click on Backup> >Add Folder to Backup
  • Here on the folder selection window, Tab that file you need to Backup and click add folder to Backup
  • At this point you will see the backup progress as it’s loading, once it reaches 100 you’ll know that the added file has been backed up, but remember that this is a manual process it will only Backup the selected file only, repeat the process of you want more files to be backed up.

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How to Log into your Dogoo Account

Remember that you will only login if you Download Degoo App or if you visit their website.

  1. Click here you will automatically be redirected to Dogoo official web page when you land at the web page you will Login immediately under the site description.
  2. Click on it, fill in your Email and password and tab on submit.


Main Features Of Degoo Top Secret Cloud Drive free mode

Download Degoo App Now, you will have the chance of enjoying many features as listed underneath.

Check on This:

  • Download Degoo App Now, to upload your files and photos once and for all no risk of losing them again.
  • Degoo feeds will help you to remember all your life best memories which you ordinarily would have forgotten.
  • Shearing and receiving files is made very simple with this cloud storage.
  • Any file you deleted in Degoo will as well wait for 12-14 days before it will be finally disposed.
  • Most importantly Degoo have 100GB Backup space on free mode.

Download Degoo App Now - Get 100GB free Degoo Offer

Most Degoo pro And Ultimate Features;  Download Degoo App Now to Enjoy

  • Once you upgrade to pro mode, your storage space will automatically add up to 500GB but you will be charged 3$ per month on this mode.
  • If you think that 500GB can’t backup all your files you go premium mode to get 10TB cloud space at $99 per month.
  • However you have automatic end to end encryption on both pro and Ultimate mode if you
  • Get unlimited features, such as Enhanced storage replication, unlimited file storage etc.

Download Degoo App For Android Here

Download Degoo App For iOS Here

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