Mobile Phone App Download: Ultimate Android App Guide

Mobile Phone App Download: Ultimate Android App Guide; Android is a viral smartphone that is used in every part of the world today by both male and female, loved by everybody, designed with numerous app which boosted it amazing feature you can never use an Android or other mobile devices without application because it’s what that gave it nutrients.

Ask your self these questions.

What did I know about Mobile app, Did I know how to Download new Mobile app, Did I know how to update my app when it’s outdated, Did I know the importance of apps, Did I know how to manage my app in other to get the best from it, Did I know where to Download new app?

Keep your answers because they are best known to you but don’t look yourself down if the answer to any of them is NO, because learning is something that is constant as long as we leave in this planet earth here in this article we ensured with our IQ and research that you are cleared in all of them.

General Benefits or Importance of Mobile Phone App To Users

With mobile app you can enjoy all users experience such as

1. Watching Videos; Mobile videos can be HD, MP4, 3GP etc. But you cannot access your installed video without a mobile app like Gallery, Video among others.

2. Taking Selfie/Camera; This is one of the prime importance of mobile but with camera software which is the application the hardware camera can’t work.

3. Playing Music; Music is one of the basic Entertainment which takes people out of depression and many more, ever since the emergence of mobile phone Music app, music started going more viral, reaching more people globally.

Further benefit of Mobile Phone App includes

  1. Customizing your Mobile Phone; with Settings app on your mobile phone you have the chance of customising your phone to your desired test such as lowering or highering Ur screen brightness, updating Date and time accessing Developer options etc.
  2. Connecting your loved once; before the emergence mobile, delivery messages was very difficult, that was when pen on paper letter writing and oral Discussion was the only means connecting your loved once. But with message, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, Twitter app etc you can connect any body within a Nano second.
  3. File Management; Applications like File Explorer, File manager, Adobe Reader, WPS office, Es Zip viewer etc, you can easily manage and excess your software files easily with no delay.
  4. Entertain Your Self With Games; playing Games is no more a problem ever since the mobile phone to existence and more other things you need.
  5. Calculating, sourcing information and may other things are also made easy using mobile apps.

Note: Mobile Phone be it Android, Java, iOS, Windows etc cannot give you the above mentioned experiences without Mobile Phone App Download you have to get your self updated on apps if you need to enjoy your mobile device.

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How To install/ Download New Android App

Android users have many ways in which they can install new app in their Android smartphone you can do your Mobile Phone App Download today

1. Download Right from your browser Such as Chrome

Mobile Phone App Download: Ultimate Android App Guide

Chrome is a popular browser loved by many, it’s fast, simple and compactible it’s as well easy to use. To download with this browser follow our under listed procedure.

  1. Pickup you Android mobile device and tab on Menu > > Chrome, proceed to type the name of the application you need on search don’t forget to add download on any app you are searching on Chrome, your will see everything about the app. for example if you want to download or install Mega write Mega Download
  2. Tab on any option of your choice, you will have your app installed if you select the right option.

2. Try App Download Through Google Play Store

Mobile Phone App Download: Ultimate Android App Guide

This is the most popular means of downloading application in all Android smartphones, formally play store was know by Android market before the name was changed to play store till date.

  1. Downloading through this app is simply tab on Menu from your home screen and select play store.
  2. Click on search and type in the name of the app you need, you don’t need to add download in play store app related to the name will appear.
  3. Click on the particular one you need and tab on install.
  4. Wait for it to fully download, your app will be ready for you on you your home screen.

3. Alternatively go-to our menu > > tab App Download search for the app and install it directly from, but if it’s not there you try App store and Chrome browser.

How To Manage your Android App (Android App Guide)

In other for you to manage you app you need to ensure that your app is not infected by Virus or any other malicious programs, below is your Android App Guide tips or how to protect you app from from attack.

  • Install an antivirus software such as avast or AVG antivirus into your Android mobile phone,  through our above listed procedure.
  • Check if your Google play protect is active, below is how to do that. Tab on Menu>> Settings>>Security and Location>>Google Play Protect>>Scan Device for Security Threat. But is always active on Google play store thought.

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