Twitter Video Downloader APK: How to save videos from Twitter

Twitter Video Downloader APK: How to save videos from Twitter. Experience have shown that Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms we have in this twenty first century with Twitter you can communicate with your loved ones, market your business across the globe send files, show off your image in a beautiful outfit, gain popularity across the globe let’s mention few.

In this article we are going to reveal that special feature of Twitter that most of Twitter users don’t know about and that is How to save videos from Twitter, some of you will be like “did you think that is possible!” but After going through this article you will realise that it is.

But the question now is can HOW CAN I DO THIS? Is quite know that Twitter didn’t have any menu on how to save it’s content to your  File Manager or other storage app but you still save it and enjoy them offline at your convenient time, you can do it in two ways but using Twitter Video Downloader APK is the best.

Advantage of Downloading using Twitter Video Downloader APK

The process is more simple; with Twitter Video Downloader APK you will save your self stress of going to browser, searching selecting, etc. Every Will be ready once your select the application.

To download video using this platform, remove from step 1-3 and follow from step 4 underneath check Mobile Phone App Download – Ultimate Android App Guide, if you don’t really know how download mobile app.

Install Twitter Video Downloader APK here

How to save videos from Twitter Using Your browser

This is the most basic way of savings Twitter videos follow our procedures and have your Twitter and other social media videos installed within some minutes.

  1.  if you come across any interesting video, comedy of movie on your Twitter as you are browsing, all you have to do is to click on that arrow on the side button proceed to copy link to tweet
  2. Minimize your Twitter app, go to Your phone Menu and tab on any browser you install on your mobile, phone we recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome.
  3.  type in twitter video downloader on search you will see many result on Google search select Twittervideodownloader URL and have your self redirected to the main website. Alternatively click here
  4. Drop or paste the URL that you copping on twitter by long pressing the space provided Twitter Video Downloader and select paste.

Twitter Video Downloader APK: How to save videos from Twitter


  1. Finally select Download button and wait for it to fully download and start enjoying your video in your gallery.

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