New WhatsApp Online Pay Feature – Send and Receive Money through WhatsApp

New WhatsApp Online Pay Feature -Send and Receive Money through WhatsApp. This social platform has been rapidly updrading ever since it emerged 10years ago, it was know for sending messages and images to your loved ones on your contacts only, before it was upgraded to a platform where users can be able to discuss in group.

Check out our article below if you are not really conversant with this social app, or if you have any challenges about it at all.

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Moving on WhatsApp was upgraded in such a way that it can be used to send files, videos, comedy, movies, message your loved ones and do lot’s more, WhatsApp is a simple, reliable and enticing social media that is loved and enjoyed by many if not all across the globe.


Present Features of WhatsApp

Ever Since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought it in 2014 it started growing to the fullest maximum, which includes

  1. using it to share beautiful moments to everybody in your list just in one tab that is sharing your moments on your status.
  2. WhatsApp Video call feature started as well, with this feature you can connect anybody in any part of the world with no call charge rate just small Data and you are good to go.
  3. Before you know what’s going on the video call was upgraded to Group Video call where group will connect and discuss as if they are in a conference meeting, wow it’s amazing.

New WhatsApp Online Pay Feature

Now let’s give you what we have for you about WhatsApp, recently they introduced another flaggbersting feature which is whatsApp Pay¬†into the application which has been tested in India and it worked.

With this new feature you can be able to use WhatsApp to transact just like PayPal and other online online transaction platforms.

Watch Send and Receive Money through WhatsApp  WhatsApp underneath

New WhatsApp Online Pay Feature - Send and Receive Money through WhatsApp

Watch now

WhatsApp CEO said thus;

We’re as well putting more effort to expand the feature beyond India to many other countries across the Globe, and have this rolled out to almost all WhatsApp users within next year.

If you look at what he said critically you will discover that he didn’t mention any country which will be using New WhatsApp Online Pay Featurea he didn’t exclude any country as well let’s watch out how this new feature will be globally extended to multitudes.

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