Download iOS & Android iMovie – iMovie beginner Guide

Download iOS & Android iMovie – iMovie beginner Guide. Did you want best video customisation app for Android and iOS? Here is the best place to get it because app editor have come up with a brand new video editing app know as iMovie, this app is the perfect for video editing work so get it in this article.

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In this article we will also guide you on how to use iMovie on iPhone and Android devices, if you are a beginner don’t panic you are already on a solution arena you will find it fun after going through our article here you will also know that it’s the best video editing app ever.

What is iMovie?

If anyone any where ask you this question First of all tell the person that the question is simple after that answer him as it is underneath.

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This is that amazing app designed for iPhone and Android which can be used to customize, edit and make your enticing videos for yourself and your friends. How bright is your phone camera use iMovie to get the best out of your phone in terms of Movies today.

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iMovie beginner Guide – How to Use iMovie

If you have your iMovie app installed in your mobile device be it Android or iOS follow our guidelines below to start enjoying the app but if you don’t have iMovie yet my friend you are still missing a lot go down and Download it now in this article.

Download iOS & Android iMovie - iMovie beginner Guide

  • If you have your iMovie Installed the first thing do in other to enjoy your app is to open the iMovie app by selecting it on the app menus
  • At this point look at your left and Tab on the clip in the view to create the movies
  • Select any desired clip of your choice by clicking on those photos that you want to use as your movie.
  • Having done the first and the second step locate and click on create movie.
  • You can edit your clip by locating and click on the clip in your timeline with this you have successfully created your Movie.

Download iOS & Android iMovie APK here

Download iOS & Android iMovie by selecting anyone of your choice if you are using Android tab iMovie for Android and if you are using iPhone select iMovie for iOS.

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Install iMovie for Android

Install iMovie for iOS

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