Recover WeChat Password – Download WeChat New Version

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Recover WeChat Password – Download WeChat New Version for iOS and android

WeChat is one of the best Mobile friendly charting platform in the world today but Wechat seemed to be more popular in China and other Asian countries but that doesn’t mean that it’s not popular across the world, but people of that region are using it more that any other Region.

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In this article we will guide you on How To Recover WeChat Password in few steps if you loss your password or if you forget your Email or username and we will also disclose WeChat amazing app for you to download and start enjoying your self like others.

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When you Recover WeChat Password you can send and receive messages either by voice chat, video call and Even by text message from your family members from or in any part of the universe be it America North and South, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia as well as Antarctica. This is to tell you how popular and how social this app is globally.

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With we chat, when you Recover WeChat Password you can spread your horizons all over the world, thereby building firm and popularity, and as well being known by more people.

How To Recover WeChat Password

You can still Recover WeChat Password if you forget your password. Before you can able to do that you must ensure that you have your Email intact with you, when there will be a problem is when you forget both the email and password so follow our procedures below to Recover WeChat Password.

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  • Go to login page click it.
  • Tab switch account, locate and click on WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID.
  • select forgot password and proceed to Email linked.
  • Put in the linked Email address which is the email you previously use.

Recover WeChat Password - Download WeChat New Version

  • Tab Next, here you will get a new message at your Email from WeChat, do ensure that you follow the guidelines in your email to get a new password.
  • And you will get a new password directly from your email
  • Finally use the new email to login.

Download New Version of WeChat for iOS And Android underneath.

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Download WeChat for iOS

Download WeChat for Android

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