Create Outlook Mail Account – Login Now –

Create Outlook Mail Account – Login Outlook –; Did you know the formal name of this mail? It was formally known as Hotmail but has been reinvented to outlook mail, so stick to this article if you want to sign up to outlook account.

We will also ensure that we provide the button which will lead you to Create an Outlook Mail Account and the one you will use to login to your account if you have an existing account with this rocking mailing platform by Microsoft.

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If you already have Outlook mail account that’s fantastic but I will recommend you to check out other mailing platforms here; Yahoo mail, Zoho mail, Yandex mail to know which will suit you better but if you are comfortable with the one you have that’s ok, sign up below if you don’t have an account with Outlook.

Create Outlook Mail Account Here

You are almost done as you visit for this registration process the next thing is to follow up our tips to complete it.

  • To create Outlook Mail Account click here to navigate to the main page, or type in on your browser.
  • Select a Username as you land at the page change your domain suffix name to Hotmail if you wish and click on next.
  • Choose an Email password or use your alternative password if you have any, optionally make your password visible and proceed with next button.
  • This is where you will set up your First and second name Tab next again and proceed, remember that this is not your username
  • Put in your country and correct date of birth and proceed.
  • Prove that you are human by Re- writing the provided word, click on get new if the one provided seemed difficult to you.
  • Finally Tab on Next and start enjoying your account, you will receive analogue message below with your username if everything is successfully.

Create Outlook Mail Account - Login Now -

Watch how to create Outlook mail account underneath

Note; If it happens that another person have used The Username you intended to use add other things Like Number or another Alphabet to the name to make it unique and special because two people cannot one name.

Login To You Account Here For Existing Customers

  1. click here to get sign in, remember that you can still use this link to login if you have a Hotmail account.
  2. When the page loads, Provide your details and Tab on sign in to get access to your account.

CONCLUSION; Outlook and Hotmail are thesame the only change there is domain name and a little upgraded in the background if you type in Hotmail now in Google search it will automatically navigate you to the new name which is

We are sure that this article answered all the questions on how to Create Outlook Mail Account? give us your feedback on our comment box.

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