Tips to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Security on Android

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Tips to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Security on Android: What type of Android are you using, is it Android latest beta version 2.19.221? Then grab this new feature by whatsApp for your Authentication which iOS users has been enjoying since past one year.

That’s fantastic because latest trending news on whatsApp concerning it fingerprint security feature is made available in Android latest version Beta. You can also try it out if your device is running fingerprint security and if it is  Android Marshmallow and above.

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Features of whatsApp Fingerprint Security

This Authentication is the best security whatsApp has ever had in history we will disclose to you how you can activate it in your device if you are using fingerprint enabled devices.

  • As a user, you can use this feature to unlock and have access your whatsApp anytime you wish even at lock mode.
  • You will also choose if you want to show message and sender preview on notification or if you want to hide them with this feature.
  • Once this feature is activated your Widget subject matters is hidden by default.
  • Remember, not all phone with fingerprint scanner have received the updated.

Tips To Activate whatsApp Fingerprint Security

To do this is very simple follow our guidelines below;

Tips to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Security on Android

  • To enable this Open your whatsApp and click on option which is represented with three Dot at the top right Conner of your whatsApp.
  • After that select setting and proceed by tabbing on account.
  • List of options will be shown here, click on privacy.
  • Select Fingerprint lock.

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Note; you may not see Fingerprint lock if you aren’t using the latest version of whatsApp try to update and backup chat history if you did see it as you have the latest version

And if the problem persisted install back the thesame whatsApp version and try again once you do this I am sure that all issues will be resolved.


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