2019 Best three Automotive company | No 1 Will Shock You

2019 Best three Automotive company | No 1 Will Shock You. Some times I do wonder how this world would have if there is no car or any other automotive device in the world think about that, in that same scenario I also discovered that there was a time the world existed without Automobile.

Thanks be to George Bryhton, John Barber, Thomas Mead, Robert Street, Nikolaus Otto, Karl Benz and other fast thinkers who transfigured the world of Automotive into what it is today, without them we wouldn’t have been taking about this article.

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Now let get started with the world’s top Three automative company in the world in 2019 it’s not fixed it may change any time, but before that let’s give you the real meaning of Automotive.

Automotive simple means self propelling object, this is an object which have the ability to move by it’s self but we are basically relating to motor vehicle in this particular article we suggest that you should check out 2019 Most Expensive Car and Importance Of Expensive Car here before you proceed.

2019 Best three Automotive company

There are numerous automotive companies in the world, all of them are good but in this article we will give you the one’s that are occupying the top position at the moment, see the list of 2019 Best three Automotive company below.

03 Daimler Automotive Company

They are the world’s biggest producer of premium cars and one of the best manufacturers of commercial vehicles for universal outreach. This auto company is owned by two international experts from different continents.

Diamler company is owned and managed by Daimler AG “Daimler” German and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group “Geely Holding” Chinese. this superb company will assemble and launch a unique model of Electric car 2022.

The company has best presence through Mercedes Benz, vans, buses and dialmer truck. The company’s mercedes Benz was the best car in 2017.

Daimler Automotive Company

They are very good in electric car segment they manufacture and sold 136,000 electric vehicles global, they have a net worth US $198 billion dollars.

02 Ford Automative Company

This company is a multinational Automobile manufacturers have their main headquarter at America formed since 1919 founded by an American Engineer and Entrepreneur Henry Ford.

Ford Automative Company

This unique company have It’s best presence through ford F-450 @ US $51,795 they also deal on Truck Electric cars etc. The company has a net worth of US $160 billion base on their revenue.

01 Volkswagen is No 1 in 2019 Best three Automotive company

As we told your earlier that number one will shock you, did you experience any shock to hear this?

2019 Best three Automotive company | No 1 Will Shock You


This unique company started far back in the year 1937 they have their main headquarter at Wolfsburg in Germany founded by German Labour Front, a Nazi labour union they have two main division, Auto division and financial service division.

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They made an astonishing record by delivering 1.07 core vehicle worldwide. This company are planning to launch their best 30+ fully  electric cars by 2025, Volkswagen Golf R is one of their best at US $40,395 auction price The company has a net worth of US $280 billion based on their revenue.

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