Facebook Will Stop Auto Face Scanning of users by Default

Facebook Will Stop Auto Face Scanning of users by Default; the process of users face scanning seemed irrelevant to them, they saw it like a tool of insecurity to their users across the globe, because this is the widest social media platform in the world today.

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This big network to trying everything humanly possible to make the platform better and safe environment thereby following up their promise to disable Users Face Scanning by Default this week especially for new users.

How Facebook will Stop Auto Face Scanning

Facebook Will Stop Auto Face Scanning of users by Default

Facebook CEO and their technical staff proclaimed that they will notify their existing users about the latest update on their news feeds to educate them on their intentions and how the it works.

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They made it known that every existing Facebook user will decide if to turn the auto face recognition Off or On.

Further information about Facebook auto Face Recognition and Scanning

This feature is essential in some asspect because if the feature is On, scanning new uploaded picture is always easier for them thereby notifying user when they are on a photo but not tagged.

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Facebook’s face recognition technology still does not recognize you to strangers. We don’t share your face recognition information with third parties. We also don’t sell our technology,” Facebook said, this statement will make you as a user to decide whether to turning the feature On or Off.

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