Change a Car Battery Guild – How to Remove & Put a Battery

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Change a Car Battery Guild – How to Remove & Put a Battery; A car Battery is very essential to every car, without battery your car cannot Start when the ignition is turned off meaning that, this is the chief conductor of electricity in every vehicle when the engine is off.

I know that you will believe with me that no car can ever work without ignition and that is the reason why a battery is very necessary in a car to start up the ignition process when the car is at rest.

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Change a Car Battery Guild

Change a Car Batter Guild - How to Remove & Put a Battery

Before you can enback on this, there are some tools you need  such tools includes;

  • Adjustable wrench or Pliar; to remove bolts in the battery terminal.
  • Aprons and safety outfits; for your safety.

How to Remove a Battery in a Car

  1. The first you have to do is to turn off the car totally
  2. The secondly put on your safety wear such as you Gloves, Google and Apron.
  3. after that Open your front boot and locate your car battery.
  4. Observe the positive and Negative terminal, this will help you while assembling the battery.
  5. Attach your wrench or Pliar to the bolt head at the negative terminal of the battery.
  6. Use another wrench or Pliar to loose the nut.
  7. Pull the cable out and repeat the process at the positive terminal.
  8. Remove the securing bracket if it’s contained in your car battery.
  9. Finally locate and hold the car battery handle and pull it out.

Important! Do ensure that the wrench does not touch both of the car battery terminals to avoid sparks.

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Do not do this in an enclosed space because of the chemicals contained in the battery make sure sure that you do it in an open space.


Change a Car Battery Guild | Car Battery Assembling

To do this, follow our tips here.

  1. First thing you will do is to put on your safety wear such as you Gloves, Google and Apron.
  2. after that Open your front boot and locate space for your battery.
  3. Locate the handle and carry the battery that you want to install.
  4. Put it inside the bar provided for it.
  5. Take the cable and determine the positive and Negative terminal.
  6. Input at their respective terminal and tighten the bolts with your wrench.
  7. Repeat the process at the next terminal enter and start your car.

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