Guideline to Link or Unlink Instagram Account with Facebook

Guideline to Link or Unlink Instagram Account with Facebook profile or page is been elucidated here in this article, have you tried to do this but it didn’t work? That’s also fantastic if you haven’t tried if for the first time as you need a backup here, we will give you all the backup you needed.

If you decide to read this article to expand your knowledge that’s alright though because knowledge is something you can’t get if you didn’t aspire for it, enjoy the Guideline to Link or Unlink Instagram Account.

Guideline to Link Instagram Account with Facebook | How to Link Facebook and Instagram

To do this you need an Instagram and Facebook account;

Guideline to Link or Unlink Instagram Account with Facebook Profile or page


Check out article on how to create Instagram account here.

And check out Create Facebook account in this article if you didn’t have the account, alternatively click here

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When you are done creating the account

  1. On your Instagram profile go-to menu.
  2. Click on option and select settings.
  3. click on Account.
  4. Select Link account in the list of options that will be displayed.
  5. Finally Select Facebook and input your Facebook details, that’s all.

How to UnLink Instagram Account From Facebook

  • This is the easiest accpect of it login to your Instagram account.
  • Follow the steps that you did while linking the Account, if you can’t recall see the steps above.
  • When you click on linked account select Facebook and click on UnLink.

Most Important! Make sure that you Select unlink based on your device, choose unlink iPhone if you are an iOS User and vise versa.

You can as well use the procedure to Link or Unlink Instagram with Facebook profile or page

Instagram And Facebook Relationship

Instagram was created by two computer scientists Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom strictly for iOS device in the year 2010 and diversified to Android in April 2012 they went further to design the app for Windows on October 2016.

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Moving future all these fantastic updates and diversification of Instagram projected rapidly as the app is been bought by Facebook on April 9th 2012 at One Billion U.S Dollars ($1bn).

This transaction is the main reason why Instagram can be connected with Facebook.

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