iPod touch Facetime Guide – How to Setup Facetime on iPod

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iPod touch Facetime Guide – How to Setup Facetime on iPod. This Apple Device layout is like iPhone but the major different is the mobile data network and WiFi connections.

You cannot put On Mobile Data and browse on iPod without WiFi, while iPhone uses the both interface for its wireless connection.

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In this article we will guide you through on how you can start enjoying latest facetime feature on your iPod, we will also give you the main thing that makes it different from iPhone facetime platform.

iPod touch Facetime Guide

Before this Guide there are some basic requirements you need before you can start up this in you iPod some of the requirements are as follows.

iPod touch Facetime Guide - How to Setup Facetime on iPod

  1. iPod Touch; you cannot be talking about How to Setup Facetime on iPod if you don’t have an iPod.
  2. WiFi; This is the only means of wireless connection in this type of Apple device.
  3. Apple Identity; with your ID on Apple you setup will not be successful.

How to Setup Facetime on iPod

The method is somehow similar to iPhone guide but the unique different is setting it up with your Apple ID or Email Address instead of phone number for quick connection.

  1. Switch On your iPod and Go to settings.
  2. Scroll down you will see facetime click on it to start up your setup.
  3. Type in you Apple Identity popularly known as Apple ID or password and click on sign in.
  4. Check out the list of Email Address that has been inputted on facetime, remove or select them.
  5. Click on next to proceed.
  6. Finally Select whether Audio or Video call.

Important! You can make either audio or video call with iPod Facetime, Click on Audio call if you wish to do audio call and vise versa.

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