Original car Battery Detection guide: Is it Original Battery?

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Original car Battery Detection guide: Is it Original Battery? There is an adage that states “there’s no smoke without fire” we know that you must have a reason that brought you to this research, may be you have bought an imitation before or that you are meticulous enough to grab the prime information concerning car battery generally.

Most drivers are manically mystified when ever their car battery developed a fault or when the battery cells die off, most people don’t really know that you can recover your car battery cells even when they die totally, Recover your car battery when it die.

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Some people are greatly annoyed because they don’t really know the steps which they can follow to replace their car battery when ever something go wrong, you know that there is no Auto Maintainance workshop that you visit for help that will not charge you for their workmanship.

Original car Battery Detection guide | How to Know Original Battery

Original car Battery Detection guide: Is it Original Battery?

03- Check the CCA

CCA is an accronym for Cold Cracking Amps, this determines the strength a battery have to start at cold temperature, this in a car battery ranges from 350 to 800A or more the higher the CCA the longer the battery life and vise versa.

02- Check the Reserve Capacity

This in some battery can be abbreviated as RC, this determines how longer a fully charged car battery at 80°F will discharge 25 amps until it drops below normal battery volts while using your car battery, Reserve Capacity in Odyssey 65-PC1750T is 145 mins, 100 mins in Optima RedTop and 120 mins in DieHard Advanced Gold.

01- Check If the Battery Has been Used

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you have to understand that a car battery cells reduces with time especially when it’s install in a car, even though the car battery is more that 1000 CCA it will no longer maintain that number it’s know for if it has been used before.


But be reminded that there’s no battery that can last forever our article on Original car Battery Detection guide is a tips that Will help you get a battery that will last longer for you before the cells will die off.

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