How to Charge a Car Battery – Easy Guide to Restore Battery

How to Charge a Car Battery – Easy Guide to Restore Battery. Car battery is one of the indispensable car spare parts that must be available before a car can start especially in a cool temperature.

Most car batteries can last up to five years without being charged, what you needed is to consider the appropriate considerable things Check out Original Car Battery Detection guide before you proceed.

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Another thing you must consider is how you can take care of your batteries to enable it last long as you planned check out Ultimate Battery Care Guide here, no car battery Will last for ever though but at least to help the cells last as expected.

How to Charge a Car Battery | Ways to Restore Car Battery Life.

There are two prime ways by which a car battery can be restored, it be done Automatically or manually.

How to Charge a Car Battery - Easy Guide to Restore Battery

01- A Car Battery Charges with Alternator

Car battery charges automatically with the help of alternator as your car Engine runs but the only disadvantage here is that it cannot retrieve a dead car battery when it permanently run down.

That is why long trip is healthier for your car battery than a short trip because the longer the distance traveled the bigger power your battery will regains and vise versa.

02- Use External Charger to Charge your battery

This second means on How to Charge a Car Battery is our main aim of composing this article, no matter how long your trips last and no matter how you manage the battery it must eventually die off someday.

Important Notice Before How to Charge a Car Battery!

  • Buy a suitable battery charger; you cannot charge your battery if you don’t have a sound Charger, unless you borrowed but how long will you borrow.
  • Optionally Remove battery from vehicle; we recommend you to remove the car battery before you start charging check out How to Remove & Put a car Battery.
  • Remove dusts from the battery by cleaning the two terminals.
  • Off all accessories.
  • Check your user manual for more guide and instructions

Easy Guide to Restore Battery Using External Charger | How to Charge a Car Battery


How to use a trickle charger

  1. Get your battery charger and the cables ready.
  2. Keep the charger stable to avoid sleep or fall during charging because it may cause spark which may lead to fire outbreak.
  3. Connect the battery and the charger together; attach the red cable to positive terminal (+) and black one to negative terminal (-).
  4. Set your Charger to the wall and make sure that it’s working.
  5. Set your Charger Voltage level; most modern Chargers gives an avenue to their users to set to the final Voltage level.
  6. Finally check if the battery is holding the charge through the readout.


Do ensure that all accessories are off before you start charging including you interior lights to avoid had I known.

If after all these and the battery seemed not charging we recommend you to check the instructions on how to start and set the charger from your Charger manual guide.

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