Basic Car Electrical Components: How Car Electricity Work

Basic Car Electrical Components: How Car Electricity Work. Car on it’s own cannot Start without electrical components, battery as the chief part of car electricity aid in starting the flywheel by sending power to the starter.

However, the flywheel is connected to the crankshaft which aids in moving the piston, when pistons starts move the whole car engine will stay awake to serve their individual functions.

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Keep going through the article to read in details the Basic Car Electrical Components which are elaborately explained for knowledge and reading pleasure.

Basic Car Electrical Components | How Car Electricity Work

Basic Car Electrical Components: How Car Electricity Work

03- Car Dynamo or Alternators

This component is very essential in every automobile, many early cars uses Dynamo which has two output terminals, Modern cars are built with alternators.

Functions of Alternators or Dynamo

  1. Dynamo or Alternators primary function in a car is to generate current directly to basic parts
  2. It’s equally a tool for auto charge of a car battery while the car is on trip.

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02- Starter

Starter picks up electricity from the flywheel when the battery powered on the ignition switch, there by cracking the engine.

Function of Starter

  1. Starter system turns the crankshaft to help the engine pickup the process.
  2. Starter relay turns on the electronic motor which starts gear ring through pinion gear.

01- Battery

This is the basic among all the electrical components because when the battery runs down no other components can work.

Functions of Battery

  1. This helps in starting the flywheel which transfers power to the starter.
  2. All car ignition cannot start without car battery

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Do ensure that you check all your electrical systems when ever you change oil because any faulty will mount an excessive pressure to your car battery which will trigger your battery life.

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Conclusion: There are many components in a car which works with electricity but we explain the indispensable parts which your car need mostly run

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