How To Manage Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone

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How To Manage Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone is explained in this post with practical Examples, it is very possible and simple to manage two WhatsApp account in your device without downloading business WhatsApp

Many people will say “I can do it for you” but if you give them your phone they will go and Business Whatsapp to open the next account and use normal WhatsApp to open the main account.

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Anyway that is one step but the main procedure is do it with the help of DualSpace and other interesting app in playStore, checkout DualSpace here to get started, two applications are not needed.

How to Manage Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone

How To Manage Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone

  1. Download one WhatsApp application from playstore and set up your account.
  2. Download free virus infected App Cloner called DualSpace.
  3. after you have installed the apps open your DualSpace and start your cloning.


you can only cLone WhatsApp if you have the app installed in your device as we mentioned earlier, it isn’t possible to manage what you don’t have, you can’t clone WhatsApp from browser.

What Are Needed To Manage Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone

You cannot achieve the best result without the under mentioned requirements.

  • One WhatsApp application
  • Two WhatsApp Accounts.
  • DualSpace, Download the app above.
  • Working internet.
  • Functioning smart phone.

How to Open Two WhatsApp Account With one Phone

  • Open you DualSpace App and tab on plus button (+).
  • tab on WhatsApp to mark and select it.
  • Tab on CLONE below it on green button.
  • it will be added your cloned apps, then select it in the clonned app list.
  • finally Set up your second WhatsApp account.


Always use DualSpace to open the Clonned WhatsApp account each time you want to open it and use your Normal application and access the next one.

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