Best Way to Locate Your Car In a Crowded Car Parking Lot

Best Way to Locate Your Car In a Crowded Car Parking Lot
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Best Way to Locate Your Car In a Crowded Car Parking Lot Is been elucidated in this post, don’t feel embarrassed if you forgot the exact location you packed in a garage or car lot, we know it’s sounding awkward as you are the one that packed the car.

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But remember that forgotten is something that’s natural, we all are human it happens to me personally time without numbered but there are some basic things you can do to totally eradicate such entirely from happening or steps you can take each time it happened to you, get them below.

Best Way to Locate Your Car In a Crowded Car Parking Lot

To avoid this menace there are prime things you have to ensure each time you park your car before you leave, most of them includes

Best Way to Locate Your Car In a Crowded Car Parking Lot

01- Make an Identity Mark

Try to use something as an identity mark when you come down from your car, if you do this it can easily awaken your brain, to retrace your parking spot, how can you do this?

  • Immediately you come down from your car, identify the nearest car beside yours.
  • Try to pack near a structure each time you arrive a parking lot, by doing that you can easily recall your spot with the structure.
  • Observe every other nearest thing beside your parking spot.

02- Differentiate your car from others

By so doing, find something to use as mark and place on your car, we recommend something like flag, place it at the top of your car by doing that you can easily identify the car from a far distance.

03- Drop pin at the exact location on map

So many people will tell you to use GPS but personally i have tried the panther and i discovered that it doesn’t work well at indoor Parking lot, sometimes network may reflect and distract the exact spot in the street in GPS.

However we recommend you to pin on map by doing this, Notting can reflect the pin provided that your network or connectivity is stable.

How to pin location on map.

  • First of all open map application on your device.
  • Search for your exact address and zoom in the the address to see your exact location.
  • Now drop a pin by long pressing your mobile screen, don’t double tab, it will zoom out instead of pinning.
  • Click on your precise location at on pop-up that with display at the bottom of your screen.

Important! This particular method is applicable on both android and iOS device, Do ensure that you tabbed on location and save it or click on get direction to get your car precise spot after pinning.

04- Locate your car With a Tracker

Before we disclose this, we will tell you what tracker is all about;  Tracker as conveyed in this post is an app that can be used to track your car in a parking lot, you can get most of the app on store either apple or Play store see some trackers below;

To track your car with trackers app check out  Cheapest way to Track and Find Your Car With Mobile Device here, with the article you will be totally cleared.

Possible Reasons Why People Forget Their Parking Spot in Parking Lot

  1. If you have many of things in your mind.
  2. If the garage weren’t too crowded before you park, you will definitely be confused to meet the garage in crowded vehicles.
  3. Most importantly if you didn’t use any of our outlined method here you will forget.

05- Take a Short Video to Locate Your Car In a Parking Lot

It’s advisable to take a visual ot the particular spot you packed your car in a place like this, some people may tell you to take a picture but mind you that a picture will not clearly specify your car location.

More so, some other people will park theirs after you’ve packed and took the picture which will entirely change the spot with the picture you have but if you took a video it will highly many identifiers.

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