How to Temporarily Remove Gmail Account on Android

How to Temporarily Remove Gmail Account on Android is been explained in a very elucidative manner in this post if you are an iOS user you can always check out the article for knowledge purpose, we discovered that may iOS Client equally have an outstanding Android device.

Do you know that you can terminate Gmail account permanently if you wish but we doesn’t advice you to do that, we prefer you to sell the account to make money with it if you are tired of it than terminating it permanently just like that.

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but before you do that make sure that you transferred and deleted all your important information in the account.

However How to Temporarily Remove Gmail Account on your Device is as easy as creating the account if not more simpler, go through our tutorial below to grab the knowledge, even if you are not really ready to deactivate it at the main time, grab the information first no knowledge is a waste.

How to Temporarily Remove Gmail Account on Android




You will disable your account temporarily in just five tabs, but you cannot disable Gmail if you don’t have the account, create new Gmail account here


01- Tab On Menu

This is the first step just pick-up your device and click on menu, here you will see list of icons and it’s name, locate and click on settings by slipping them to left if it didn’t appear at your first glance.

02- Tab on Settings

The very next thing to do as you swooped and located settings is to access it by clicking on it, you will see a list of options don’t click any of them just scroll down and locate account.

03- Tab on Accounts

As you do this, the list of all the accounts you have in your device will show up both Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Imo, WhatsApp etc depending on the once you are signed in to, pick Google from the list.

04- Tab on Google

As you select this option you will see all the Email address you have in your Android device if you run multiple accounts, select and tab on the exact Gmail account you want to Temporarily Remove from your device.

05- Select the Gmail Account

In this procedure you will see many options like Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Google fit Data, Peoples details, what you have to do here is to ignore all the options and tab on that menu icon at the top right corner of your device and select remove account.

How to Temporarily Remove Gmail Account on Android


This tutorial we gave here “How to Temporarily Remove Gmail” is certain as you can add them back anytime you wish to, that’s why we are insinuating that there is no need to synchronise anything at the last procedure.

Have it at the back of your mind that whether synchronized or not that your account information will be intact for you anytime you add it back.


How to Temporarily Remove Gmail is very easy as we explain above but if you are finding the information as conveyed above difficult to grab just follow this simple tips

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Tab on settings>>accounts>>Google>>select the Gmail account>>click on menu bar>>select Remove account.

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