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Pockit Credit Card Application –; how to apply is been explained in details here in this article, follow the article to the end to get your card and start using it for many purchases both online and offline.

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Wirecard AG company is the official issuer of this interesting card do your Pockit Credit Card Application from this post now to enjoy £250 to £5’000 withdraw in one month via

Pockit Credit Card Application link and tips

  • To apply for the credit card click to navigate.
  • Immediately after navigation provide your details in their form as it appeared.
  • first select your title.
  • After that you will put in your
    • First Name
    • Second Name
    • Date of birth
    • Select Email address
  • See example of form below.

Pockit Credit Card Application -

  • Finally tab on next and follow up other quick response.


Do ensure that you cross checked you details very well in any procedure before you tab in next because wrong details may lead to account access denial because you may be writing the correct details without knowing that there was an immission error during application.

Equally you need to have in mind that Pockit Credit Card Application is not for under age, you must be 18 years and above before you can be able to apply, again you must reside in UK.

Pockit Card Rewards, Rates and Fees

apply for the credit card now to enjoy;

  1. Interesting fees on all banking activities.
  2. Most importantly Pockit Credit Card Application is free no addition charge.
  3. Enjoy foreign exchange fee at 4%
  4. Apply now and get your card before 48 hours.
  5. Enjoy monthly membership fee at 99%
  6. No credit limit here, you can apply despite low credit status.
  7. Maximum instant deposit is £1,500 and £5,000 per month.

How to Activate Pockit Credit Card

There are two main method of activating Pockit Credit Card but we recommend you to use the first method

  1. Activate Via contacting pockit credit card activation center.
  2. Via online access.

How to Activate Pockit Through Customer Care service

To do this pick up your mobile phone and call 020 3322 9170, just make the call someone will pick up instantly, then explain to them what you want and follow up the instructions.

Contact Service

If you have further question or contribution call 4420 3322 9170 you will be cleared immediately.

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