Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker in a Parking Lot Tips

Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker in a Parking Lot Tips Is what we have for you in this post, some people will say that it’s not possible, trackers and Mobile apps are the only remedy but you have to understand that there are many car owners who doesn’t have time for mobile devices and all those things.

However you can Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker today after reading this article all we need is your reading pleasure not just focus because you will enjoy it, what we have for you here is an experience we had so far.

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It happened to me like a movie on my very first day of packing car in a parking lot for an important meeting, As i parked when much cars are not yet available in the lot, before i came out i discovered that the garage is crowded with cars in such a way that I couldn’t even identify the colour of my car.

However i was totally confused on what to do because that was my first time of experiencing such, my state of concussion that day gave me many ideas that i could have adopted if knew that it would have been like that, so i start looking for an alternative, the only remedy i had that day was that i meet an attendant and he helped me out as i explained to him.


Don’t say that you will wait till it happens to you so that you will meet attendant as I did, at times you may not even see an attendant to meet or you may be in a hurry of which you know that meeting an attendant will take much of your time, prevention is quite better than cure.

Simple Tips to Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker in a Parking Lot

Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker in a Parking Lot Tips

So if you have a mobile phone or a tracker check out how to track your car here to find your car quick without stress.

01- Use Car Remote On Modern Cars by Pressing the Panic button

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This is the simplest strategy but it has it’s own disadvantage, this strategy didn’t help me out on my first experience because i was totally confused in such a way that i couldn’t even hear my car sound as many people are using the strategy so the sounds were complicated.

So in other for this Tips in a parking lot to work very well, you must identify the particular side you packed so that you will go straight to that side before you press your remote button other wise you may experience the same with me.

02- Find Your Car Without Mobile Make your Car Unique With An Artificial Mark

This is the best strategies, what you will do is to take something that is lite with a flashy colour and place at the top of your car immediately you pack in a lot, we recommend something like flag or it’s synonyms, this can easily help you out anytime.

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But have it at the back of your mind that there is also a disadvantage in this, because if you have an enemy that is given you a close marking, he will easily identify your car and do anything to it as you pack and went out for work or whatever if the parking lot attendants are not security conscious enough.

03- Meet or Call an Attendant or Security

This is the first method i adopted that’s why i still term it one of the best because with this the security of an attendant in charge will take you all round the the lots to find your car or you will describe the car for him both the colour, type, model, the product and as well your plate number for him to help you out.

To be frank this Tips in a parking lot is the most stressful strategy in all, if you have been in a parking lot before you will discover how a garage looks like, then check how stressful it will be for someone to be moving around the lot in search for one car, and you have to know that it will cost you time and money.

Meet or Call an Attendant or Security

04- To Find Your Car Without Mobile, Pack at Exit or at a Conner

Once you used an exit go straight to the exit an pick up your car each time you came out, if you used a Conner try to remember the particular Conner, this will help you very well to memorize.

But the disadvantage in this Tips in a parking lot is, you are not the only person that will prefer to use this option because many have adopted it, if you came and discover that the option is no more there try any other alternatives.

05- Memories Your Parking Spot With Identifying Mark.

To use this Find car in a parking lot method, make sure that you clear out invaluable thoughts in your mind each time you pack, once your mind is occupied with many things you can hardly remember using this strategy.

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The disadvantage in this strategy is that it will make you not to focus in the event you came for, this will make you to use all your time in thinking about your car location thereby keeping you body present and absent minded.

06- Identify the Cars Close to yours in the Lot Each Time you Pack.

Yes this will help you the most, as you identified two or more car at each of your quadrants if you packed at the middle, look around and capture all the cars that are packed next to yours before you, store it in your mind or write them out on a paper.

The only disadvantage here is that you will get confused if one car is been replaced with another car as you came out that’s why we recommend your to write them out so that you will use other cars to remember because there’s how human brain works.


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All this strategies to Find car in a parking lot are good, pick out the one that will work out for you and try the next option if your preferred option is been picked by another person, you will understand the importance of how to Find Your Car Without Mobile or Tracker if you have been in the helpless confusion state for ones.

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