How to Undo Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger

How to Undo Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger is been illustrated here in this article with a clear picture you will start receiving that guy or that lady’s message again after going through this this post.

We know very well you blocked him ignore him for a reason, that he or she is disturbed you then doesn’t mean that you won’t need them again, that’s why Facebook make the process reversible one.

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Facebook Messenger is a tool that enables quick Facebook conversation between users, with messenger app you can, send Voice clip, do voice call, do video call etc, use these tips below to undo ignore in a very simple way.

How to Undo Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger

before How to Undo Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger will be fruitful, you will.

How to Undo Ignore Messages on Facebook Messenger

  • Tab on your phone menu and select messenger

This is the first thing you need to do here, immediately after installing the app in your device or if you previously have it in your device, select menu click messenger from your menus to proceed.

  • As you are navigated to messenger, tab on ACTIVE or search for him or she with their username via search box

By doing this, you will see list of all your friends that are online both those on ignored list, scroll down or select select the person you want to undo ignore from there.

  • Select the person you wish to Undo Ignore by clicking on there profile

By doing this you will see your previous conversations don’t tab on any message here,  you won’t also see any other options in the menu bar.

  • Finally select Reply

It’s automated with quick response immediately you click reply you will undo the ignore forever if you wish, but the amazing things here is that you can as well ignore them again at your convenience.

What happens when someone Ignored you on Messenger

Ignoring people on messenger is like blocking them but the difference here is that ignoring is temporal while blocking is to snub permanently.

  1. You cannot not be able to see their statuses on messenger.
  2. They can’t see your message when you send them and you can’t receive theirs even when you are online.
  3. They may decide to receive your message and still leave it to appear as unread.
  4. They cannot send you message again on the platform apart from using web, provided that they are still ignoring you.
  5. You won’t receive any notification stating that they put you on ignore, but your messages can no longer be marked as read.
  6. You can see when they are online or offline and vise versa.
  7. You can no longer appear on their messenger’s home screen when you are online or offline provided that you are still on their ignored list.


There’s no option where you can see list of those you ignored on messenger as it is on WhatsApp, all you have to do here is to undo their ignore manually as stated above.

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Moreover, you can’t see them again on your hone screen in the platform, as far as they are still on your ignored list, what you have to to do when you want to undo ignore is either you search for them with their username via search box or you tab on their Active search for them.

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