Dating Review – How to Start Google Dating Dating Review – How to Start Google Dating is our main aim of composing this article, here we explain in details the guidelines which will help you hook-up with your match to start an interesting relationship which may lead to marriage, if both of you want marriage out of it.

But the question now is, are you ready to follow the instructions as contained in this post, most of you may be like, have Google introduced a date, when did this latest development start, how can i create account in this dating etc?

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But the whole truth is that Google has a date but they didn’t have any official website for this, all they have is a link which will lead anyone who wish to start, to his or her desired dating platform, check out Google dating platforms below in this post. Dating Review – How to Start Google Dating Dating Review - How to Start Google Dating

This search Engine ‘Google’ don’t only have a dating platform they have gone so vast in such a way that there is no question that you as a user cannot get an answer for, in Google platform.

To do this is as easy as English Alphabets, follow the guidelines below or you can locate and tab on their link directly from this page. Google webpage can be accessed with any computer be it micro, mini or any other type of computer provided that it has an internet connectivity.

01. Visit Google homepage

This is the first step if you wish to kick start an amazing dating directly from this search engine, gaining access to this homepage can be done in two ways

  1. By clicking on their official link directly from this post.
  2. By visiting Google homepage through your browser, e.g Chrome, OpreraMini, FireFox, UC Web, Explore etc.

02 Use Google Search Box By tabbing on Search

Immediately you navigate to their homepage, locate and tab on search, by so doing you will have the opportunity to write down anything you need an access to, from google search engine platform, so remember our point of discussion in this post.

03. Write DatingĀ 

Remember that there is no dating category in Google search, all you need to do is to write what you need which is “Dating” in the box and tab on search, by so doing list of dating platforms will pop-up.

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The next thing you have to do here is to scroll down and see the list of available dating platforms which Google have indexed, use Next result to see more if the one at glance didn’t suit your need.

04. Select your preferred Dating Webpage

Use the keywords on blue text to figure out any Google indexed dating websites that suits your needs, for further info about the website read the description below the blue text.

Finally Sign up to the new dating webpage or create an account and start your hook-up this will open you up to many people who are ready to mingle globally.


There’s no special dating webpage called Google dating the tips we gave you here is a guideline which will lead you to a Google index dating webpages, you have to understand that it not officially if not on Google, so our main aim in this article is to enlighten you on how to follow official Dating website.

Ways to Start Google Dating

There are two main ways which Google indexed dating platforms can be gotten, they includes

  1. Sign up directly from our website via our dating and relationships category, once you click you scroll down to select any one of your choice.
  2. Use Google home page by clicking on, once you click follow our guide above

Conclusion On Dating Review

If the article seem too congested for your accumulation, follow the steps in a simple way here, Visit Google homepage >> Use Google Search Box By Clicking on Search >> Type in Dating >> Select your preferred Dating webpage, finally sign up and start up your dating.

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