Zulily Credit Card Review, Sign up and Rates –

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Zulily Credit Card Review, Sign up and Rates – All you need to know about Zulily credit card is installed here in this post including fees, cashback, account login and registration links, guidelines which you can follow to create new account, how to enjoy Zulily offers and so on.

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Synchrony bank is the official issuer of this high reward credit card, all they need from you is to keep yourself comported and encode all we have here, you will definitely have access to all you need about Zulily credit card.

Zulily Credit Card Review and Rates

This credit card is one the most endowsed card in the year, once you register an account, you will automatically enjoy all offers.

Zulily Credit Card Review, Sign up and Rates -

  1. Enjoy free shipping once you make a purchase of $110 plus.
  2. Enjoy 45% discount annually in the summery of all purchases you make.
  3. Immediately after creating Zulily account you have $15 off your first order.
  4. Most importantly there’s no annual fee attached to this card.
  5. You as a card holder can make purchase on credit and pay after 3months.
  6. Massive bonus rewards of many types.
  7. Card holder have access to many events and promotions.
  8. Minimum interest charge is less that $1.5
  9. Late payment is not specified but more or less than $37.
  10. Annual percentage Rate is staggering at 27.99%.

all these and more Zulily Credit Card Review are what you will enjoy once you sign up and apply for the card via

Zulily Credit Card Sign up | How to Apply for Zulily Cards

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  • To this is very easy all you need to do is to log on to
  • ¬†Immediately, put down your email address and email bar.
  • Back it up with your password at the next slot and tab on continue, with this you’re signed up to Zulily.
  • To apply for a credit card in the platform all you need to do is to locate and click on Zulily application link.
  • Provide your details as contained in the form and follow up the quick response.


Zulily credit sign up and application legibility required all the applicants and users to have government issued photo identification, you must be of age, have a valid government issued tax ID number.

More importantly you must ensure that you have strong internet connections either WiFi or Cellular, and make sure that you have good functioning Device to avoid access denial.

Contact Page

If you have any question, contribution, or you want to have your card activated all you have to do is to call Zulily customer care on via 877 – 779 – 5615

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