How to Cancel Vault Subscription permanently or temporarily

How to Cancel Vault Subscription permanently or temporarily; To subscribe vault is easier than terminating it, some people may subscribe the app for one month without knowing that it will be automatically renewed after 30days without their consent

Personally i suffered this, because i thought that it can’t be renewed automatically but reverse later become the case as i was charged after 30days without my consent, and the worst part of it, is that my account was just one bar then, so i was so exasperated.

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However, if this is your own case or you recently discovered that you don’t have much time for the app, or that you aren’t really using it but they are still placing their monthly charge on you as the case may be, you still have the opportunity to terminate it entirely if you use our procedure below.

So the link we have for you here on How to Cancel Vault Subscription will lead you directly without much stress of Re-tabbing and navigating, all you have to do is to click once and see the self explanatory procedure.

How to Cancel Vault Subscription permanently or temporarily

To do this can be done in two ways but we will emphasize mostly on the common procedure in this article to explain the second one on our next post.

  1. Through Your your Email
  2. Through Vault App

How to Cancel Vault Subscription Through Your your Email

How to Cancel Vault Subscription permanently or temporarily

This is the Basic and the easiest way to terminate vault, follow these procedures;

01- Open Your Email

To do this navigate to your email account, but you can’t do it successfully if you don’t know how you can switch to your Email account, if you don’t have Mailing app in your phone, or if you haven’t really logged in to the mail you have in your device, if that is your case click on Mailing tutorial here to get started

02- Locate and Tab on the Subscription or the Renewal Message or mail.

Once you open your email account scroll down your messages or mails in your Inbox to locate the subscription or renewal mail, if you didn’t see the mail, check your spam cue to know if the the message entered spam box, sometimes mail may enter this section.

Alternatively, to save you time and stress of scrolling and all that what you have to do is to open your Email and tab on search Box, input Google, if you’re a Gmail user and tab on search, all lists of it’s messages will appear, then tab on renewal message.

03- Click on the Information that Will Appear

Immediately you are done with the previous step a message will popup on your screen, locate and click on the bold text in your screen to continue the unsubscription.

04- Locate And Click on Cancel Subscription

All you have to do here is tab on Cancel Subscription at the direct bass of the page, if you glance at it thoroughly you will see it as it’s boldly written with Green text.

Finally Select an option in the listed questions and tab on cancel, that’s all

How To Cancel Temporarily | Easy Way to Restore Vault Subscription

If you followed our cancel steps accurately, this one will be as easy anything to you it’s mostly based on the same steps, however to restore or to cancel Vault temporarily can be done in two basic ways.

  • Through Email; to do this tab on the subscription message and tab on restore.
  • Open the Vault App
    • tab on Premium
    • Follow the self explanatory and quick response.


We believe that there’s no smoke without fire, that’s why we composed this article to help you get out of the menace, there are numerous reasons why one will choose to cancel his or her sub, it might be because you aren’t too financially stable to continue and all that.

Finally if the write up seem congested to you follow these concluded procedure to tap out on the subscription.

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Open your Email >> Click on search box of your mail >> type in Google and tab on search >> Select The Vault renewal Mail >> Tab on the bold text as the information pops-up >> Locate and click on cancel Subscription >> finally select one from the listed options and tab on Cancel.

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